Free E-Mail Campaigns @ Polkadot!

12 Sep 2013

Free E Mail Campaigns @ PolkadotNow that you are back from holiday, here’s the first 4 steps to your new marketing campaign…………….

And our own offer to you? Engage us to produce Step 1 (A new direct mailer), and we will organise Step 2 (E Mail) for *FREE! We assume you can organise Steps 3 and 4 yourself, though we can help here if required.

When engaging us to produce your next direct mail piece, we can help you with.....

At that stage we can happily create your new e shot campaign and dispatch for you to your own database of customers, or prospects if you wish. Just ask us for details. We assume you will organise the update to your website, though we can assist here. Just share your needs with us, and we will estimate the cost of the direct mail, and provide the e shot design & despatch for Free!

Conditions. Offer applies to all new pieces of Direct Mail designed and printed by Polkadot of a total minimum value of £200.00 (excludes any postage costs). Offer applies to all new direct mail orders placed on/before 30th September 2013. The purchase of any e mail lists will be charged. The maximum number of e mails sent (free of charge) is limited, in line with the scale of the total campaign. Please ask for details.

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